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Light at the end of the tunnel

And hopefully that isn't a train!

Mother's Day weekend is typically the busiest gardening shopping days in Spokane. This year even more so as it came almost as late as it can, as well as close to the traditional "frost-free" date for Spokane. But as stated before, for many plants (coleus, begonia, impatien, sweet potato vine, basil, zinnia, cucs and squashes) it doesn't have to freeze. Just being in the low-40's can be lethal, especially with lots of moisture. Well, we've had more than our share, both figuratively and literally.

But now we see a long range forecast that is very promising. This should propel us towards our more typical weather patterns that are friendlier to those planted listed.

Here at Haase's we make great effort to have ample supplies for those of you who like to wait until all that snow is gone off of Mica; those of you who no matter how warm it is early - still wait. We plant early, middle and late crops. Although we plant all of our hanging baskets and planters at the same time (mid-February) we place them in different locations within our many greenhouses that essentially have different growing zones. So even with our baskets, they are staggered.

The main point is that although we hear often that people feel it necessary to come early before things get "picked over", that really isn't true. They get "picked through", but we just "reload". We start with over 3,400 baskets and we still have over 1,300!

And when it comes to annuals like geraniums we still have every color in good quantities of each. Sweet potato vine? still about 2,000. We are actually sold out of only 3 things in our original roster of premium annuals. Rest assured that there are still "plenty of good seat still available" as they say elsewhere. And when cold nights with lots of rain and wind take out your cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers - 2nd and 3rd crops of those are also coming on strong ready for when that warm light at the end of the tunnel does reach us!!

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