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Here Comes The Rain Again...

So this is what our House #1 looks like as of yesterday. This is the first planting of geraniums, and, I must say, it has NEVER looked more colorful! This photo has not been enhanced, I swear under oath!!

Our scale of "safe to plant" has reached about a "5" out of 10. We're still not freezing, thanks to all the cloud cover and rain.

If I was a weather forecaster, I could do no better than Kris Krocker of KXLY. I love the weather-nerd stats that she throws out. Yesterday she had a good one about the moisture we've been getting. As I recall (between telling my shepherd puppy "Inde" to leave her older brother lab "Luke" alone, Kris mentioned that essentially the "fiscal-year" of moisture starts on October 1. Since that date of 2016 through yesterday, we had set a record for moisture of over 21 inches! TWENTY-ONE INCHES!! The previous record was 1996-97 with over 19". She shocking part is that the average is between 11 and 12. So...shocker! we've been WAY wetter. I know, tell you something you didn't know. OK, well did you know that your eye is the same size when you are an adult as it is when you are a baby. There you go.

Again as I said previously, last year was the prettiest spring. This one will be the greenest. We're still on-track for Bloomsday/Mother's Day. Second crops of tomatoes and peppers are going. First major crop of squash and cucumbers are seeded. Each day in our greenhouse gets more colorful than the previous day! Flowering trees and shrubs and vines are in!

Stop by and take a stroll to get inspired or some ideas. Meanwhile, it's still pouring outside. In the 80's the Eurythmics had a song..."Here Comes The Rain Again"...

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