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What a difference a year makes...

A bit of a slower, more relaxed pace for us this year. This past week saw us complete planting our first full crop or peppers and herbs. We finished hanging as many of the nearly 3,400 baskets as we could (we grow more than we have spots to hang 'em)!

We also are about half-way through planting our first major crop of premium annuals, which includes too-many-to-count varieties of calibrachoa (commonly called "million-bells") and our 40 varieties of coleus! - Yes, coleus. Most of these are sun-loving or sun-tolerant varieties in a wide range of striking tones and colors to give a different look to your planters. Yes, we may have gone off the rails a bit with all the choices, but that's what we try to do - give you options!!

Also, a weather flashback to match the title of this post...remember last April? This time last year we were at the end of a streak of 4 straight days over 70 degrees. On the 8th we had a record high of 78!! Crazy. That was followed later in the month with 6 straight days over 72 (three over 80). Forsynthia's had already been blooming for several weeks.

We like the pace of this year a little better. There will be plenty of time for warm weather yet!

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