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It's Anybody's Spring...

"It's Anybody's Spring", an old song from the mid-40's is perfect for how we all should approach this most-hopeful of seasons. Face it, we've had enough of the stormy weather.

In case you've wondered, we are in full preparation mode up here. Most all of the first crops of perennials and annuals have been planted and are coming along nicely.

But don't let the warmer and occasionally sunny days fool ya. It's still too early to plant, as you probably already know. Pansies and primrose are always safe bets. But on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "absolutely under no circumstances plant anything - ever!" and 10 being "what are you waiting for? Come on, get going!", I'd place us at about a 2.5 - 3...meaning very few things are worth investing in to plant now.

We'll keep 'em warm and get 'em real big and healthy for you!

We actually plan our timing for the first week in May (Bloomsday - which is later this year) and certainly at peak inventory by Mother's Day (also late - 14th). This is just about Spokane's traditional frost-free date anyway!

Anyway, this is my first crack at a "blog" of any kind. I don't know what's in store. Information, hopefully or maybe just a diary of what and how we actually do things here. Remember, it's "your" spring!!

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