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Providing Spokane with all its gardening needs for 70 years! We will have everything you NEED...and pretty much everything you want!!!

 In 1951, Edward Haase bought the greenhouse with son Willard Haase. Now, 70 years later, it is owned and operated by Edward’s grandson, Darrell Haase. Darrell continues to offer new and unique varieties of plants, with the same, great Haase quality.


One thing that has not changed over the years is the rock wall at the front of our building. Dating back to the 1920s, the wall has remained standing through all the years we have been in operation, including a fire in 1995!

The History Behind Haase's



We take great pride in offering the largest selection and highest quality plants in town. Our plants are more than just products; they are a symbol for Haase’s care and dedication to providing you -  our customer, -with beautiful flowers. Nearly every plant's life at Haase’s Greenhouse begins as a seed or cutting.


Each plant receives the attention and care it deserves before it is ready for the next journey in its life; the trip to your garden. We hope that you enjoy them at home as much as we did raising them!

The Haase Difference



The owner of Haase’s Greenhouse. Throughout the Spring season, the greenhouse becomes Darrell’s second home. First in the door, last out, and preforming every job in between to ensure that each plant lives up to the quality that our customer’s deserve.


As Darrell’s wife, Colleen helps to ensure that everything at Haase’s is running smoothly, often with a dog or two in-hand! Usually two!!!


As Darrell’s son, Sean has been around the greenhouse since he was just a boy. Whether you need help selecting the right plants for your garden or need help reaching a hanging basket, Sean is always there and ready to help!


As Darrell’s brother-in-law, Mike has been a vital member of Haase’s for years. With his wealth of knowledge, he can help you decide the right plant for you!


Haase Doggy Corner 

The Haase family has a great love for both flora and fauna. In perticular, a soft spot for  our dogs, who to us are like family. This also means they put in their time at the family business! Meet our furry friends below and say hi when you come visit the greenhouse! 


Gus, like many of our pups, was a rescue from the Spokane Humane Society. He was happiest napping by the fire, or curled up in a blanket. Gus was always a good sport and  was always ready to play along!!! Sadly, Gus passed in 2019


Rudy, or Rudith as we lovingly refer to him, is also a rescue. He is a bit shy but loves his mom, Colleen and can usually be found trialing behind her or was usually hanging out with Gus in their crate. Best friends they were.


Sadie is a great anchor for all the Haase pups. She keeps order when needed but also loves to play with Cowboy and Miley at home. A more high-energy dog CANNOT be found!


Miley is Sean's dog, and he's had her since shes been a pup. Shes been on several cross country road trips including visits to Georgia, California, Texas, and the East Coast. 


Zuzu was regular for years, eagerly joining Colleen everyday during the spring, Sadly, we lost Zuzu in 2017 due to complications of old age. We all miss her wit and charm!!!


A recent addition to the Haase clan a few years back now, you might not see him around the green house much because he's holding down the fort back at the house. Cowboy is a true heeler - full of energy and ready to play. He's also kinda crazy!


Annie is a new addition, adopted from Rescue4All in 2019! Super friendly and the new Greenhouse Dog on duty during our Spring season. She's got a little bit of Cattle Dog in her and a little bit of Chihuahua making her smaller than the first and larger than the second! 


If you love dogs as much as we do, check out the Spokane Humane Society page here.

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