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Officially open! Although not everything is ready and we are still planting, some plants (perennials and shrubs) are ready. This time of year, plants grow rapidly in our greenhouses, so each week will see dramatic changes in color, size, availability and variety.

April 14:

First big arrival of Hydrangea and Azalea. From big-leaf, pom-pom style hydrangea (ENDLESS SUMMER Original , Summer Crush, Eclipse® and ENDLESS SUMMER® POP STAR™ to paniculata varieties Little Lime®Little Lime Punch®Vanilla Strawberry, Strawberry Sundae, Bobo®,  and 'Limelight' to name a few! This lineup of hydrangea will meet any need you have from full sun to partial and from medium to large. All are hardy to our area. More varieties will be arriving in the weeks ahead! Stay tuned.

April 22:

Monrovia delivers shrubs (boxwood, burning bush, various evergreen, spirea, and Japanese maples! We are more full than ever at this point!!!

April 24:

Our first major crop of squash and cucumbers have been sewn and should be ready by the first of May. Baskets and planters are full and lush. Many are ready for the cool nights while some combinations (containing sweet potato vine, impatiens, fuchsias and begonias are waiting for our evening temps to be above the lower 40's. 

May 4:

Jam-packed with the arrival of nursery stock from 'Monrovia'. Two and five-gallon Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) are here in 'Proven Winner' varieties 'Miss Molly', 'Miss Violet', and 'Miss Ruby'!

Many more roses (and rose trees), honeysuckle, trumpet vine, and hydrangea (Blue Enchantress®, Seaside Serenade® 'Crystal Cove' , and Seaside Serenade® 'Newport')!

We have loaded up on the extremely showy and fragrant Star Jasmine as well as the SunBelievable® 'Brown Eyed Girl' Helianthus which can produce hundreds of blooms in a single summer growing season!

We are packed with more variety and inventory than ever before...with more yet to arrive. We are even still transplanting! Now if only the weather would cooperate with us!

May 17:

Yes, we were EXTREMELY busy and hundreds and hundreds of hanging baskets moved out of our greenhouses over the Mother's Day's true...however we still have hundreds and hundreds of basket combinations for both sun and shade remaining in our inventory, as well as geraniums, petunias, lobelia, marigolds, veggie starts and a great selection of nursery stock and perennials, with more arriving in the following weeks! Get your blueberries and raspberries before they are all gone. Rescue4All will be here this weekend as we host our fundraiser for these dogs that need a caring home!

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